Samples from Charles H. Johnson's poetry collection Tunnel Vision.

Tunnel Vision



Colored People

Heloise and Abelard

The Old West

A House of Worship

Selections from the unpublished manuscript "Sam's Place."

Charles H. Johnson's contribution to the Plainsboro Veterans Memorial

Selections of work by Charles H. Johnson from other published collections.

"Colored People" from National Housing Institute

"Dandelion Wine" from Connecticut Review

"A Tragedy" from FZQ Fall/Winter 2001

"Five Smooth Stones" from FZQ Fall/Winter 2001

"Down-Home Vacation" from FZQ Winter 2001

"Saturday Night Baths in the Country" from FZQ Winter 2001

"On a Tree by the Trestle" from FZQ Summer 1998

"Connections" from FZQ January 1997

"Weapons of War" from FZQ January 1997

"Bootstraps" from FZQ January 1997

"Still Life" from FZQ January 1997