Plainsboro Veterans Memorial

As written in the Plainsboro Veterans Memorial dedication, May 26, 2003.

"In giving of himself and his talents, Charles Johnson brought to the memorial project a lifetime of battles and sensitivities. To survive growing up black in America and being a veteran of the Vietnam War, Johnson has used as his weapon of choice - poetry. Widely regarded as one of New Jersey's finest poets, Mr. Johnson created the three panels inscribed on the monument stone, as well as selected the quotes inscribed in the walkway."

The call to arms rumbled
like thunder from a distant land.
It grew louder until we had to fight
to preserve our freedoms.

We waited at home as children,
longing for a kind word that everything
would be OK. We waited. We worked.
We prayed.

Never will we see what their eyes saw.
We can only know that war has forever
clouded their vision. We give thanks
for their sacrifice.